What is the best way to store chocolate?

Chocolate is prone to temperature, external odors and flavorings, air and light and moisture.  Chocolate should be stored in a dry, odor-free place with good air circulation. Good storage helps avoid decay, undesired features like fatbloom and sugarbloom, and help extend shelf life.

What does it mean to temper chocolate?

Tempering is vital as it is mainly responsible for determining the final gloss and hardness of the chocolate. Tempering consists of heating the chocolate to a specific temperature as a result of which the cocoa butter it contains is brought to the most stable crystalline form resulting in hard, shiny chocolate.  When broken in two, well tempered chocolate should snap.

Why does chocolate sometimes get a white layer on top?

When a thin layer of fat crystals forms on the surface of the chocolate, it is called fatbloom. It means the chocolate has lost its gloss and a soft white layer appears, giving the finished piece an unappetizing look. Fatbloom is caused by the recrystallization of the fats. Storage at a constant temperature will delay the appearance of fatbloom.

Where are our confections made?

If you’ve visited our beautiful store on the Halifax waterfront you would have seen that our hand made confections are made on site in plain view of our customers!  That’s where all the action happens!

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